2 thoughts on “Interview with Kaye Adams, BBC Scotland”

  1. Hello Morven-May
    Absolutely loved you to bits at Nairn on Monday night. And your Mum who spoke to Jill for a bit. Have read a few chapters of your book – excellently written. Listened to your BBC interview with Kaye Adams. Have spoken of you and your work to various folk over last few days including Dr Adrian Baker, head of Nairn Health Centre. Keep up the passion for your mission and if in in Nairn come see us.
    More hugs to you and Mum, Elrick & Jill Mackie

    1. Hi Elrick and Jill,

      Thank you so much for your kind message. I had a wonderful evening with you all in Niran – thank you so much for coming and making it such a great event. I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying Finding Joy, I hope you enjoy the rest of the book as much. It’s brilliant at to hear that you are helping to spread the word about what I’m doing – thank you.
      Take care and I hope we meet again someday.
      Best wishes,
      PS. Thank you for your kind invite, I have ommited your home address from the website to keep your privacy protected.

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