Awareness events for Lyme Disease, TV and Radio

Two Lochs Radio Station

I’ve had such a nice time speaking on Two Lochs Radio station today via zoom. It’s wonderful to be able to do such an indepth interview on Lyme disease and my novel. I’m saddened our planned visit to Gairloch to speak at the station, the libery and school had to be cancelled because of covid but I’m delighted to have been given the chance to speak on the station.

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, TV and Radio

North Highland Radio

I always look forward to being on North Highland Raio! Although done a little differently this year because of Covid, I’m delighted to have still been able to spread awareness of Lyme – thank you NHR for always supporting the cause to raise awareness.

Please note that the interview was done over teh phone and this picture was taken last year when I was last interviewed in at the station.

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, Highlights, TV and Radio

Disclosure – Lyme Disease BBC

When I was first approached to speak on Disclosure, I felt very nervous to share my story with so many people. To be so candid, in my own voice and not my characters, felt very exposing and daunting but within one phone call with their team…all my worries were put at ease. I’m really pleased to have been asked to be apart of this fantastic documentary which doesn’t in any way shy away from the issues around Lyme disease and which askes the hard question. A massive thank you to the team for creating this piece – in which the silenced get a voice.