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Penicuik Rotary Club

Thank you so much Penicuik Rotary Club for inviting me to speak to your club about Lyme disease and my novel Finding Joy – via zoom. I had a great time speaking to you all and your kind feedback has made my week! Read what they had to say below.

Iain Steven – Club Secretary, Rotary Club of Penicuik

Morven gave a talk on Lyme disease to a Zoom meeting of the Rotary Club of Penicuik on 7th July 2020. I joined the meeting early and Morven was already there, chatting to the host and a few other club members. It was clear from the outset that Morven was a people person; I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking that that augured well for the talk.

I was not mistaken. She began by reading the first page of her book, Finding Joy, the story of a young girl – the “Joy” of the title – who contracted Lyme disease in her early teens. Based on Morven herself, Joy suffers a series of life experiences which no young girl should have to endure. The disease, it emerges, is notoriously difficult to diagnose, having as it does an array of widely varied symptoms, each of which can characterize other illnesses.

Morven went on to explain the science of Lyme disease and its transmission, always with the sense of both respect for and resentment of the disease, which comes of having had it for fourteen years. We were left in no doubt that we did not want this disease. Nor do we now have any excuse for falling victim to it, given the clarity and intensity of Morven’s accounts of where, when and how infected ticks transmit it, as well as how to deal with them and what to do if the worst happens.

All in all, the consensus was that we left the meeting better informed, more sympathetic to Lyme disease sufferers, and slightly obsessed with ticks. I took a phone call as I neared the end of writing the last paragraph. When I told the caller, another club member, what I was doing, he said that since that night he is much more aware when out walking of where he is, and of what else might be there. I think Morven would be pleased to hear that.

Iain Steven

Club Secretary, Rotary Club of Penicuik

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, TV and Radio

Two Lochs Radio Station

I’ve had such a nice time speaking on Two Lochs Radio station today via zoom. It’s wonderful to be able to do such an indepth interview on Lyme disease and my novel. I’m saddened our planned visit to Gairloch to speak at the station, the libery and school had to be cancelled because of covid but I’m delighted to have been given the chance to speak on the station.

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, Writing

Rotary club of esk valley

Covid can’t hold me back! Where there’s a will…there’s a way, as they say. It’s brilliant to be able to continue to speak about my novel and about Lyme disease thanks to the wonders of zoom! Huge thanks to the Rotary club of esk valley for asking me to speak to your members. It felt quite strange to speak at an event in this way but it was great fun and a wonderful laugh in times in which laughter is scarce.

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, TV and Radio

North Highland Radio

I always look forward to being on North Highland Raio! Although done a little differently this year because of Covid, I’m delighted to have still been able to spread awareness of Lyme – thank you NHR for always supporting the cause to raise awareness.

Please note that the interview was done over teh phone and this picture was taken last year when I was last interviewed in at the station.

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, Writing

My next project

With the cancelation of all future events, I’ve decided to take the opportunity to focus on my next writing project. I’m absolutely devastated that all my events have been canceled (some of which have been years in the making) but with the current situation with Covid19 and with myself being at greater risk from it I sadly have to say that this is the only option. I can’t wait to get back to attending events but until then…have no doubt that I’ll be working away.

Awareness events for Lyme Disease, Reviews and Testimonials, Writing

Thank you

Big thank you to the staff and cadets of 2405 Dingwall Sqaudron Air Cadets for the kind thank you card for the talk I gave on my novel and on Lyme disease. Thank you also for the kind feedback!

Bethany Skidmore – Dingwall Sqaudron Air Cadets

A very interesting and informative talk, Morven-May engaged with the cadets very well. All the cadets enjoyed the talk she gave and I would 100% recommend a talk from Morven-May to any organisation/group.
A huge thank you from 2405 Dingwall Sqaudron Air Cadets for taking the time to come and visit us.

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Christmas Book Hunt

I can’t believe how this has taken off! I had the idea to bring together authors from around Scotland to wrap a copy of their book and to leave it hidden for someone to find. It’s always amazed me how it’s the small acts of unexpected kindness that can hold the most power. The response has been amazing, so many authors have taken this up and the messages from the people who have found the book have been incredibly moving. Thank you, everyone!