Awareness and Fundraiding for Lyme Disease, Highlights


I’M JUMPING OUT A PLANE! 😳✈️😳. Hey everyone, I have some very exciting or absolutely petrifying news (if you’re me and Struan MacKenzie that is). You might have noticed I’ve been very quiet over Christmas and that’s been because of a bad flare up with my Lyme disease which did a lot of damage. I’ve been coming out the other side of it though but unlike last year I’ve been unable to organise an event in the Scottish Parliament so as part of my month of Lyme disease awareness antics in May….I’m going to jump out of a plane with my mate Struan for Lyme Disease UK!!

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Reviews and Testimonials

Review by the wonderful SwiftCoffee

Absolutely adore getting new reviews and feedback on Finding Joy! Thank you so much to everyone who has reviewed my book – it really does make a big difference.

I’m so pleased to have received this insightful and wonderful review from the great blogger at SwiftCoffee. Thank you! 😃😊😃

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