Awareness events for Lyme Disease, Highlights

Lyme Awareness month

Last year I organised the photocall in the Scottish parliament but, this year, I wanted to do something a little different. Sooo…I have decided to throw myself out of a plane to raise awareness and fundraise for LDUK! But before I do that, I’ve organised for Ness bridge to be lit in lime green and for a group of us to gather to sign the board to express what Lyme disease means to us and to throw line green confetti. I’m so grateful to everyone who came and, despite the somber subject, what a laugh we had. I thought the confetti would be a fun and symbolic thing to do but it was surprisingly therapeutic to release the confetti into the air.

I’m delighted that off the back of lighting Ness bridge that bridges, building and momuments accross the UK have been lit in line green to mark Lyme awareness.

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