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The Highland Bookshop In Fort William Is Now Stocking Finding Joy.

I’m absolutely delighted and so excited to say that Finding Joy is now available at The Highland Bookshop, Fort William!

Posted by Morven-May MacCallum on Saturday, 21 April 2018

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Highland Lit. Writing Panel.

I’m so excited to be taking part in this event for the Highlandlit! Please do come along if you can it would be wonderful to see you all ?.

Posted by Morven-May MacCallum on Friday, 13 April 2018

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Highlights, Reviews and Testimonials

Review From Nairn Bookshop.



Review by Mavis MacDonald – owner of Nairn Bookshop.

When Morven-May approached me about her book ‘Finding Joy’, I was immediately drawn to her.  She was quietly spoken and I found myself listening intently to what she had to say.  I knew immediately I wanted to invite her to speak at the shop about her novel and Lyme Disease.

We had an excellent turn out for her.  Again, although quietly spoken, she could be heard quite clearly and she had the undivided attention of the audience.  Morven-May’s talk was informative and well presented.  She took several questions from the audience which she answered and sometimes became discussion points.  A very competent and well received speaker.

This book was written as a work of fiction but is very closely linked to Morven-May’s own struggle with the devastating Lyme Disease.

Morven-May takes the reader on a harrowing journey of the young character Joyce.  Joyce very quickly transforms from being an energetic teenager to a recluse.  Some days she cannot get out of bed or carry out the basics of everyday life e.g. brushing her hair.

Doctors don’t listen to Joyce or her carer Aunt Beth.  Generally the doctors and people who know her do not believe the physical and mental agony Joyce is going through.  However, one day, she is listened to and life starts to change for her by bringing some light into her now very dark life.

Like her character Joyce, Morven-May missed most of her secondary education which, in my opinion, makes it remarkable that she was able to pen a novel of such quality.

‘Finding Joy’ gives the reader a shocking insight into what it is like for many sufferers of Lyme Disease.

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Book Review For Finding Joy!

What a delight to have my novel read by Sue from Books From Dusk Till Dawn! Thank you so much Sue for writing such a beautiful and insightful review – you captured everything I hoped to achieve by writing Finding Joy. I’m really pleased that you enjoyed reading Finding Joy. Read Sue’s review and explore her briliantwebsite by clicking here.

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Highlights, Reviews and Testimonials

Review for Finding Joy.

Thank you very much Laura for taking the time to read my novel and for letting me post your review on my website – I’m delighted that you enjoyed reading Finding Joy.

I’m always overjoyed to hear what people think of my work and reviews are such a great help to encourage other people to read Finding Joy and to learn about Lyme disease.

Review by Laura: ‘Well done! I have just spent all day reading your book and just wanted to say really well done. I highlighted lot’s of things which mirrored our families experience of Lyme.  I spoke to you last year at Belladrum as my daughter had had and recovered from Lyme Disease. You give a great hug!

I liked the way you gave the perspectives of sufferer, carer and friend and I think your book will be invaluable to people in the midst of illness, before treatment or during treatment.’

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