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Lyme disease App

I feel very fortunate to have been asked to be a guest speaker for the launch of the Lyme Disease App. It was really interesting listening to the experts on how the App will work, the complexity of making the app and the and the educational purposes it will have.

If you’d like to learn more then please find the link to an article by the Inverness Courier here.

Reviews and Testimonials

Oban High School – talk and creative writing workshop

Oban High School – Kerri Stewart (PT English and Literacy). Presentation and creative writing workshop

Thank you so much for making the events yesterday such a great success. The students have been unanimous in their praise. The talks and the workshop were all really enjoyable and interesting. It has such a fantastic impact on learning to have people come in and talk about their own experiences

Oban High School – Aimee McIntosh (English Department).

Morven’s talk about Lyme disease and her experience with it was interesting and informative.  Many of our s4 pupils were aware of ticks and had experienced tick bites but knew little about the disease.  Morven’s reading of the voice of Lyme disease really gave the pupils an insight to living with the disease.  They thoroughly enjoyed the talk, especially the quick quiz at the end which really showed how much they had learned.
Morven’s creative writing workshop quickly focused our advanced highers on the task of creating a character.  Her resources were great stimulus for some really imaginative characters which could then be developed into short stories.  The group thoroughly enjoyed their workshop and produced some very detailed characters.