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Interview with Huntly Newspaper

So delighted to see this in the Huntly newspaper about the talk I did in Orb's Bookshop, Deveron Street, Huntly. Pleased to have got Lyme Disease UK mentioned too.

Posted by Morven-May MacCallum on Wednesday, 15 November 2017

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Talk at the Ceilidh Place Bookshop.

Thank you very much to the Ceilidh Place Bookshop and to everyone who came to my talk last nights in Ullapool. There was a brilliant and very interesting introduction by Microbiologist Dr Heike Gehringer and a great Q&A about Finding Joy and Lyme disease at the end of the talk too.

Thank you to everyone who donated to Lyme Disease UK!

I can't wait for my visit to Ullapool tomorrow where I'll be giving a talk on Finding Joy and about Lyme disease at the Ceilidh Place Venue at 8pm! Excited to see you there.

Posted by Morven-May MacCallum on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

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